Messages for june 7, 2020

This morning, we are talking about creation, the image of God, and God as the Divine Storyteller.

Today’s sermon video seems a lot longer than usual because it is. The Scripture reading is pretty long, and there is a second message after my sermon. At yesterday’s protest (rally might be a better description, considering how peaceful the gathering was and how supportive the police were), Dr. Arthur Carter spoke about the need for less punitive and more restorative ways of seeking justice on the Shore. (There were several speakers, but I was only able to record his message.) He regularly advocates for restorative justice in our local schools. You’ll see in the sermon that I believe listening is a very important part of our Christian witness right now, and so I invite you to stick around and listen to what he has to say.

Sermon and children’s message for pentecost, may 31, 2020

This is a strange Pentecost. Is there any other kind? The imagery of wind and fire feel less and less positive with every news cycle. And yet, that is how God spoke on that day so long ago. No matter where or how that same Spirit is moving and speaking now, may we have eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts that seek to understand.

In this morning’s sermon and children’s message, you will find no mention of current events. I am not the greatest at last-minute rewrites, and I’ve only just begun to find prayerful words to say about the protests and riots that are happening this weekend. You can find those words in my churches’ Facebook Live morning prayers or (for my congregations) in the email you received this morning. For now, here on this blog, I can simply say that when we don’t know what we can possibly do to heal our world, let us always begin with prayer, so that God may guide our actions.

Sunday worship May 24 2020

Good morning (or afternoon or evening, depending on when you’re arriving here.) I’m glad you’re here!

And if you’re not quite here yet, if your mind is wandering all over the place, I encourage you to take a moment to be still. Maybe sing or listen to a favorite hymn, or just breathe deeply for a moment and tell God, “Hi, I’m here.”

This morning’s Scripture is 1 Peter 4:12-14 and 5:6-11. Be forewarned, you’ll probably need to adjust the volume between the Scripture reading and the sermon. I experimented with a new microphone for the opening sections, but we didn’t use it for the actual sermon.

Taylor Dabney is our guest preacher this week. I’ll be back to preaching next week for Pentecost!

And here’s a message for the children (and all our young-at-heart folks who want a bonus round after Taylor’s message)

Go in peace to share the light of Christ however you can, with all who need it.